• John Duvall

May - Building a Tree Swing

Alec and his friend Rosa are putting up a tree swing. From a sturdy pruning ladder, they're tying the swing so it will be plenty high for a good arch. Rosa is using a bowline knot around the branch. Alec is using the same knot to secure the wooden seat.

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How to Tie the Most Useful Knot in the World (Bowline)

This is a short video to help those who have seen many of my past videos where I use a bowline knot. This is the most useful knot you will ever learn. It will not ...

To learn how to tie more knots see here:

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7 Essential Knots You Need To Know

Aside from tying shoes, a lot of people don't know, or need a refresher on tying knots. Knowing these knots will get you through most situations you will encounter ...

Here's a good book about tying knots

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